While students were away working summer internships and jobs, traveling near and far, and, we hope, catching a little R & R, Denison’s campus was undergoing more than the normal amount of summertime changes. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights.

Ebaugh Laboratories:

Chemistry and biochemistry majors will be conducting their experiments in the Samson Talbot Hall of Biological Science and a few other locations around the North Quad this year while the Ebaugh renovation and 19,000-foot expansion continues. Meanwhile, the professors’ will take up office space in Chamberlin House. When all is finished in the fall of 2011, the new Ebaugh will feature four classrooms of varying size, six teaching laboratories, research lab space for 10 faculty, and instrumentation rooms on each floor.

Student parking behind the Mitchell Center:


As the college anticipates a new natatorium and expansion of the Mitchell Center (provided we can raise the funds), a new student parking lot was built behind the Mitchell Center—and that much closer to student housing on the East Quad.

Knapp Hall Performance Lab:


The Dance and Theatre departments have a new uphill performance space in the basement of Knapp Hall. Formerly a large amphitheatre-style lecture room, the new facility has all the latest and coolest stuff: computerized systems for interactive performance and primo lighting, video projectors, screens, and sound.

Academic Quad marker:


Look carefully and you’ll see something new on the A-quad, a historic marker tucked in between Higley and Slayter, that indicates the location of the college’s first brick building, Marsh Hall, which was built in 1854 and razed in 1940.

Fellows Hall update:


Classrooms, offices, and computer labs in Fellows Hall are greener and more comfortable after the HVAC system was replaced this summer. The circa-1965 building also got new ceilings, carpets, lights, and other office renovations.

The Spectrum Series:


Denison’s annual campus-wide, theme-based series of events, studies, and speakers has been renamed the Spectrum Series. This year’s focus on “Technology and Community” kicks off with bestselling author and 21st century opinion leader Steven Berlin Johnson, who will deliver the Opening Convocation in Swasey Chapel on Tuesday, Sept. 7.

Language and Culture House:


This special-interest, multi-linguistic residence program moves  from Sigma Alpha Epsilon house to Preston House (pictured above), and much closer to campus. Some exciting plans made by and for its residents and faculty advisors promise a year of multicultural events and dining adventures.

Trayless Everyday:


After the smashing success of Trayless Tuesdays last year, the dining halls are making it a permanent feature — which means less food waste and less water use.

An “emphasis” on Bluegrass:


The newest addition to the course catalog, the Bluegrass emphasis, is something to sing about. Five courses, plus lessons and ensemble work, will earn this designation on your diploma. And in celebration, the Vail Series is kicking off its season with a concert by Mark O’Connor with Dailey and Vincent on Sept. 29.

Sandella’s Flatbread replaces Ultimate Baja:


Ultimate Baja was, unfortunately, not the ultimate for Denison, so the Slayter bistro has been replaced by Sandella’s Flatbread Café, a national franchise (not from the college food service) whose menu specializes in grilled flatbreads, wraps, paninis and salads — get ready for a lot of YUM!

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1:59 PM August 20, 2010

Samantha Kraft wrote:

Can’t believe all that’s happened while we’ve been gone- can’t wait for the flatbread sandwiches – Yum!


9:35 AM August 24, 2010

Laura Frame wrote:

Very Cool. Like the look and the content. Kudos.


7:13 PM September 12, 2010

Unhappy big red fan wrote:

Since Denison does not have a marching band would someone please give us the fight song on a tape recording after each Touchdown.
Can we get someone to play the Alma Mater before the game starts again on a tape recording. Does any Denision student know the school songs? A school that takes pride in music should consider a (small pep band) of some sort. This is humiliating. There seems to be no school pride. Could someone invite one of the local high school bands like they did years past so we can give the old Big Red cheer. In fact Johnstown would love to send thier band as they are the Big Red Band and really can march.
I will donate $500.00 to have Denison send the band of thier choice to any home game. I hear Denison no longer has a homecomming. You have to be kidding me. I Love the school and the traditions we had in the 60’s and 70’s. We had all the bands march together in the county at Homecomming. We had a parade in Granville. The village loved it. We had the Big Red flags up town in Granville. The proffesors were encouraged to attend the Football games. The crowds at the game were much larger. Much more school pride. Many more Granville folks attended and we considered it our college team. We need the community of Granville involved. Go Big Red!!!!


4:27 PM September 14, 2010

Karly etz wrote:

Would you really donate money to bring a band to campus? I’m currently starting up a pep band on campus and we need money like that to buy drums for our members! If there really are willing donors out there please step forward. Send me an email so that we can talk!!! :D


7:32 PM September 14, 2010

Karly Etz wrote:

My email is :)


5:02 PM November 4, 2010

Steve James wrote:

That is the old Phi Delta Theta house not SAE- Dr. Preston was a French teacher at Denison when I was there and he was a faculty liaison.


2:43 PM January 27, 2011

John h. ebaugh wrote:

I was surprised when I happened to find this info. I knew the EBAUGH name was strongly associated with the education field, but ,I had no idea to thiis extent. A real ego booster. My connection goes back to ,at least, Johanne Jacob Ibach.


1:51 PM October 19, 2011

UniversityCommunications wrote:

A server error has resulted in the loss of some recent comments on TheDEN. To remedy the situation, we are reposting the comment below in its entirety. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. –Ed.

fRED Wheeler alumni:

I visited GRANVILLE this morning. I Love this place.
I went into the ALADIN (new owner food much better.)
The lady who owns the place told me any day of the week, DENISON Students could get a full breakfast for $5.50 which include COFFEE. Two eggs, meat, toast, hash browns with coffee. Please show your DENISON ID. I Loved the sausage. That may be the best deal in central Ohio…


12:06 PM July 3, 2013

Nick wrote:

Looks great, DU!


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