Big Red Weekend hits The Hill


Denison students and faculty are back to their usual schedules of classes and practices and rehearsals and homework, but remnants of Big Red Weekend still linger. The tent that hosted the Meet the Faculty Reception and several community meals is only partly torn down and food services is still recovering from feeding the more than 1,000 visitors who descended on campus over the weekend. It’s kind of a bummer that the Big Weekend is over, but at least parents and alumni have left campus armed with knowledge of what goes on at Denison when they’re not here to see it. From an a cappella concert and theatre production to a planetarium showing and sports events, Big Red Weekend offered parents, alumni, and other visitors a look at life on the hill. They had the chance to meet with faculty during departmental open houses, to tour new facilities in the works, and to receive an update on the college from President Dale Knobel. Even the youngest kids got in on the fun through Camp Denison, complete with pumpkin painting. In case you missed it, check out the video for a few highlights.

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10:51 AM October 6, 2010

Susan Zanner wrote:

My Class of ’10 son John Zanner pictured at the football game during Big Red Weekend seems to have added a few pounds to that Denison Football sweatshirt since his graduation!


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