Come on down!


Kat Lenhart ’09 and Bryan Blaskie ’09

This is just fun. You just never know where a Denisonian will pop up…maybe even on a gameshow.

Kat Lenhart ’09 was the big winner on the The Price is Right this afternoon.

Wearing a T-shirt that proclaimed she was from Cleveland (as is current host Drew Carey), Kat blew right through the challenges and, at the end of the hour, faced off against the final competition in the Showcase Showdown. After a few tense moments, (during which her Denison friends, watching her on TV, leaned in and crossed their fingers), Kat came out on top, even winning a sailboat. Good friend Bryan Blaskie ’09 quickly joined her on stage to celebrate as the ending credits rolled.

So congrats, Kat. Anchors aweigh!

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6:41 PM December 14, 2010

Mitch wrote:

Interesting to note that Kat is actually the second Denison alum to appear on the Price is Right. Dean Bring ’05 was on the show as well when Bob Barker was still the host. Dean’s brother Ben Bring ’07 was also in attendance that day.


11:40 AM December 28, 2010

Michael wrote:

That’s awesome, and both were UPC alums as well.


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