48 hours to serve


The tasks were a secret. That’s how the 48-hour Service Challenge works. You just show up, ready and willing, take your assignment, and get busy.

Collect blankets, books, money, school supplies and warm clothing. Prepare a community meal. Teach school kids about civil rights history. Record the oral histories of nursing home patients. Fetch supplies for the Humane Society. And more.

About 100 students, faculty and staff pitched in from Jan. 22-24 to honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of service. They donated 539 hours during those two days and collected more than $1,000 for good causes. This isn’t a a new thing—Denison students volunteer all year long, with tens of thousands of hours, but this event’s focus and purpose made it extra special.

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7:41 AM February 3, 2011

Angela Cole wrote:

I was just overwhelmed with an inner peace to witness such uplifting examples of Denison’s upcoming leaders. There is hope towards a better tomorrow, for this humbling interaction I thank you. We can indeed bring change within our American Border that harmonizes with the thoughts of our former founders of this great nation with humanitarian project such as this. I commend the administration for leading in example.
I rest easier in knowing that my son, Christopher James Cole is obtaining the needed reinforcement of our family values. Thank you again! Angela Cole


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