Sculpting the ‘Unseen’


When Xiaoshi “Vivian” Qin ’12 (Guangzhou, China) began her studio art project, she set out to explore her spirituality. The project, titled Unseen, took a topic that is sometimes difficult to describe and channeled it through sculpture.

Inspired by artists like Giorgio de Chirico and Arnold Böcklin, Qin used clay and glass to illustrate dreams that portray an “inner and outer world connected.” The process, which requires multiple kiln firings, fuses glass and clay to create a “pool that looks like water with the quality of stardust.”

Since completion of the Unseen works, Qin has moved on to her next series, called Chaina. Chaina is Chinese for “Go, demolish it,” and will build on the applied principles she learned from Unseen.

Qin is drawing inspiration from China’s fast urban development and will continue to work on the project through the summer.

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2:37 AM February 6, 2011

casper lee wrote:

Amazing,Awesome!go go go !
your brother:Lee Mengyao


9:19 AM February 7, 2011

Dr. Lyone Fein wrote:

Thank you for sharing some your work with us. I love the duck swimming in the person’s heart. It is so important that we put our dreams into reality. Keep working!


11:41 PM February 8, 2011

Nozomi wrote:

All Asians at Denison are SO proud of you, Vivian!!!! You are absolutely awesome!!


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