Fill it up


The new water bottle filling station on the first floor of Barney-Davis

Now you can be hydrated, frugal, and green. Denison has installed two new water bottle filling stations (with a third on the way).

Just grab your handy-dandy water bottle—stainless steel, Nalgene, aluminum, it doesn’t matter—and fill your bottle with cool, refreshing, free water.

Where, you ask?

  • Mitchell Center (first floor, adjacent to the monitor’s desk)
  • Barney-Davis (first floor corridor)
  • Doane Dance (coming soon)

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12:31 PM March 31, 2011

Anon wrote:

Funny that this is what the school decides to spend money on… I can’t imagine which sissy student complained because they had to tilt their water bottles, and not have them filled all the way to the top.


9:17 PM March 31, 2011

Joe wrote:

Is this a joke? What a waste of money to just further stereotype Denison


11:29 PM March 31, 2011

Emily wrote:

I would have to agree with the comments above me. How does installing a water bottle filler right above a perfectly working water fountain work to make the campus more sustainable? I think this article needs a little more information, or else it just makes us seem spoiled. Why don’t we spend the resources that we apparently use to fix water fountains to invest in something that truly makes a difference, such as more solar panels and perhaps even a windmill?


9:53 AM April 1, 2011

Jeremy King wrote:

Glad to see people are commenting on this addition to our campus. Joke? No this is not a joke. These water bottle stations were funded by an Environmental Venture Fund grant – which came from a donor interested in sustainability. The grant is meant to fund pilot projects developed by students, faculty, and/or staff. Venture Fund projects have included the Soles 4 Souls shoe recycling, composting at the senior apartments, the new bike share program, and others including the water bottle filling stations. The projects are meant to explore new ideas that further Denison’s sustainability efforts. Here is a link to info about the Venture Fund –

It is very true that students could tilt their bottles to fill them up, but the reality is most do not. If this project proves to encourage the use of reusable drink containers then Denison might actually decide to spend some of its money on getting more. If the filling stations don’t have a real impact, Denison will not get more – and thus will not have wasted its money on a needless project.


12:41 PM April 1, 2011

John wrote:

If the decision proces for students being green is deciding between tilting or not tilting a water bottle, then we may have much bigger issues at hand.

I’m glad this is part of some grant but I don’t understand how this is “meant to explore new ideas that further Denison’s sustainability efforts”. At a highly regarded school like DU, I would hope we have better ideas than putting a water fountain on top of another water fountain.


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