The Royal Wedding and … Denison?


On Friday morning, the world was abuzz as Prince William and Kate Middleton prepared to walk down the aisle and exchange vows. And after Colleen Russo ’12 and her friends on campus appeared on the E! Entertainment Television special, “Live from the Royal Wedding,” members of the Denison and Granville communities became even more interested.

At around 7:15 a.m. EDT, after the wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey in London had concluded, E! News correspondent Jason Kennedy spoke via Skype with Russo, who had been chosen by the network as a special correspondent.

From Denison’s Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house, Russo and dozens of other Denison students told Kennedy about their excitement upon seeing David and Victoria Beckham and—of course—Middleton’s dress (which met with resounding unanimous approval). Kennedy also chatted with Russo, a psychology major from Iowa City, about a photo of her with fellow Denisonian Steve Carell ’84 as it was shown on screen.

And at the end of Russo’s moment in the limelight, London-based E! correspondent Dermot O’Leary followed up by saying if the reporters couldn’t get into the big Buckingham Palace party that Prince Harry was throwing for his brother, they should just go to Ohio and join the Denison students who were having so much fun.

See the full exchange between Colleen (and friends) and E! News in the video above.

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12:07 PM April 30, 2011

Jared Gray wrote:

Who better to be a “special correspondent” for the Royal Wedding than a bunch of people who have probably never even been to England? In all seriousness, I don’t see why so many people got worked up about this event in the first place. Nobody seems to care about the reason behind the publicity, however, when they’re invited to give their opinion on TV. (And why was two thirds of the video entirely devoted to Carell and Denison? These topics hardly relate to the wedding.)


6:45 PM April 30, 2011




7:37 PM May 2, 2011

Susan wrote:

In response to Jared Gray… I know the girl they chose as their correspondent personally and very well. When she was a teenager, she and her family lived in England for awhile. The royal wedding was not for everybody, but E! wanted to cover celebrations around the world, and for this segment talk all things Denison, and they did just that.


11:18 PM May 2, 2011

Amanda wrote:

Jared- I think Susan about covered it. Which means if we reverse your sarcastic statement then the girl who was the correspondent actually was the perfect person for it since she actually spent time living in England and even attended school there! However I really don’t understand the importance that has in the first place.

But as far as your second point- I am guessing you didn’t watch the entire broadcast, so you have to keep it in the context that this occurred 3.5 hours into a 5 hour broadcast. I wouldn’t be surprised if many people welcomed 1 minute of “general interest” talk by that point!


8:42 AM May 3, 2011

Kristen wrote:

Mr. Gray-

As it has already been said, the girl they chose to be correspondent lived and went to school in England when she was in high school. In addition, as a member of the party who myself has been to England 4 times and who resided there for a summer, as well as being a friend of several of the other girls present who just returned from a semester abroad at St. Andrews (where Will and Kate met), I think it is safe to say your allegation is incorrect.

As for the Steve Carell bits, yeah, a little random, but that was E!’s decision and not the correspondents. They wanted her to discuss him for a moment in the broadcast, probably because they are an entertainment channel and focus on celebrity news and trivia.


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