Red reign


Denison has earned the Dennis M. Collins North Coast Athletic Conference All-Sports Championship, outdistancing Wittenberg and Ohio Wesleyan for this year’s title.

But that’s only part of why this news is special.

First, this is Denison’s 12th All-Sports Championship since the first trophy was won in 1985-86. Not only is that a record in the North Coast league—it’s an extension of the college’s own previous record of 11 wins, set in 2008-09 when Denison tied for the title with Ohio Wesleyan.

Second, and more importantly, this dozenth title demonstrates Denison’s commitment to a broad-based athletics program and to excellence across all 23 sports for men and women.

Well done, Big Red. It’s been an amazing year.

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1:17 AM October 1, 2011

paul doty wrote:

When I was coaching at Carolina ,I always respected the Carlisle Cup for overall success in all sports mens and womens…great to see the Big Red doing it the same! good on ya we say here in Oz.


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