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So what goes on at Denison over the Fourth of July? Not much, but …

Although the college closes for the long weekend, that’s not to say that there’s nothing going on down the hill in Granville. By contrast, our village actually lights up over the Fourth with fireworks, a mile-long parade, a five-mile footrace (with several hundred runners), various high school reunions, and a bandstand featuring an abundance of entertainment. And East Broadway is transformed into a lengthy carnival midway with daring rides and more fair food that any human can conquer.

The Fourth of July street fair, a lively four-day celebration, is put on every summer by the Granville Kiwanis Club, and it has long been a destination for holiday fun-seekers from near and far. There’s always something for everyone, regardless of age, from a talent show to square dancing, from a patriotic pet contest to bingo.

And as quickly as the fair appeared in the center of the village on Friday morning, it all disappeared late Monday night, and by Tuesday morning there were no residual signs of its existence. Below, we provide photographic evidence that it did actually happen here, and proof that a high-spirited holiday was had by all.

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11:42 AM July 7, 2011

Malick wrote:

It looks lively and inviting!


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