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Beachy, americana, garage-band brother rock — one of those lesser known genres — is where you might classify ik ben, the Nashville-based band of brothers Paul “Scott” Hylbert ’91 and Brian Hylbert ’01. Despite the decade-long age gap, the San Diego natives formed their band in 2003, and released their third record (on real vinyl), Ocean Wayfare, earlier this year. You can read more about Scott and Brian’s story in the upcoming issue of Denison Magazine. In the meantime, here’s a cooool number called “Easy Prey” to tide you over.

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1:30 PM July 15, 2011

Nancy Hylbert wrote:

Very cool. Can’t wait to read the article in the Denisonian.


4:36 PM July 18, 2011

N. Hornby wrote:

Definitely adding to the next volume of SONGBOOK… pass the torch, Teenage Fanclub!


1:17 AM September 3, 2011

Nancy Hylbert wrote:

It was with a great deal of interest that I read about Nashville musicians and brothers Scott (’91) and Brian (’01) Hylbert in the July online DEN. Then, after reading Maureen Harmon’s editorial in the July issue of the Denison Magazine regarding a particular alum who had boasted about never having read an issue of the Denison Magazine, I was determined to read every page. That proved to be serendipitous, as upon turning to page 59, I recognized a photo of the same two aforementioned brother musicians in a more in-depth history of how the nine-year-apart Denison graduates ended up in Nashville to form a band together named ik ben (the name based on Scott’s early years living in Holland).

Let it suffice to say that as a product of Denison’s music department I have always been an aficionado of various musical styles, and I could not be a bigger fan of the two boys whose talents originated (as far as we know) with their maternal great grandmother (Ohio Wesleyan and the Boston Conservatory of Music) and paternal grandmother (Denison), albeit with slightly different musical styles. I recently purchased ik ben’s latest vinyl release Ocean Wayfare. Now I just need to find a turntable. I thought they had gone the way of the 8-track!

Nancy Tobias Hylbert (’66)

(San Diego, CA 858 487-2411-may publish in the next issue of the Denison Magazine)


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