Watch this: A class on the move


We thought it was just going to be another big group photo. Instead, the Class of 2015 has provided 63 seconds of pure fun.

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2:10 PM August 30, 2011

maggie Brooks wrote:

What fun! Perfect musical score too.


2:14 PM August 30, 2011

anne ’91 wrote:

Well executed, 2015! Good luck and enjoy your time at Denison!


7:51 PM August 30, 2011

lynda wrote:

That is definately PURE FUN!! Really made me laugh.


12:51 PM August 31, 2011

Todd Stevens wrote:

Very cute! Who shot this? A definite homage to deceased Professor Elliott Stout!


2:37 PM August 31, 2011

UniversityCommunications wrote:

Thanks, Todd. We all miss Professor Stout around here. Kurt Hickman, a member of our University Communications team, shot and edited the video. We also want to credit Greg Ruess for creating the perfect large-scale layout for 614 students to form the numerals representing their class. Greg, an engineer, is the husband of Trish Ruess, assistant to the dean of First-Year Programs.


6:30 PM August 31, 2011

Amy wrote:

To the class of 2015: Have so much fun over the next four years! It goes by super fast but they are 4 years you will never forget!


9:11 PM August 31, 2011

Kai wrote:

pretty cool, better than the whole crowd shot we had our year. it feels good to see Denison getting more and more creative and fun:)


12:17 PM September 1, 2011

Lauri Weinfeld wrote:

Kudo’s to Denison for doing such a wonderful job of making the incoming class of 2015 feel important, welcome and safe. As a parent, it’s nothing short of ‘prayers answered!’ WHAT a difference from other universities. I think my daughter is in for a deep, enriching, unforgettable four years at Denison! Thank you to each and every one of you who had a part in welcoming my daughter in such a “class act” way!!!


2:09 PM September 1, 2011

Maureen feeney reese wrote:

Great job! Music is perfect and the mood is terrific, I just love
this piece :)


12:56 AM September 2, 2011

Electa Frison AKA Stanisha Lang’s Mom wrote:

Awesome, simply awesome…. I am truly a proud Denision – did I spell it correctly? HELP!!! I’m a newby :)


7:28 PM September 6, 2011

Leslie North wrote:

So very, very special. I am very impressed with what I have seen of Denison and I know my daughter will have a wonderful four years.


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