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Erik Klemetti (center, seated) with students on a recent field trip to the Appalachians.

Wired Science Blogs, a daily online publication from the folks at Wired, has a new science star onboard. Erik Klemetti, assistant professor of geosciences, has relaunched his wildly popular “Eruptions” blog on the Wired platform.

Since the blog’s initial launch in 2008, Klemetti has published more than 1,030 posts on his research, volcanic activity around the world, as well as the occasional rant against scientific sensationalism in the media. His blog currently receives more than a million page views a year—a number that likely will only rise on the popular Wired platform. The blog also has close to 2,000 followers on Twitter.

“Eruptions” previously was housed on Big Think, the top news website of 2011, according to Time.

If all that weren’t enough, this semester he’s teaching “Planet Earth” and “Materials of the Earth,” and in his spare time, Klemetti and his geosciences buds also are writing up a storm on Denison’s new blogging platform.

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10:32 AM October 1, 2011

joke volta wrote:

message for erik klemetti: a few days ago I read your last article about the volcanic situation on the Hierro island(spain)Thanks for the nice explicacion which offers me your article.But there are no massive evacuacion of the population!Just a few people had to leave their houses,cause of rolling stones.I live since 25 years on this island, and have a dutch passport.Getting to know the volcano which roars under our feet is a posibility to get respect for bigger forces than your human self, and makes me thankfull.Now, when my fear is moreless gone, I don´t mind if there will be an eruption.let’s see what is going to happen.best greetings from hierro


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