Turn, turn, turn


Brisk breezes and football games. Midterms and Vail concerts. Whether you graduated last year or long ago, thoughts of fall semester are enough to make you homesick for the hill, and a big part of that is the annual autumnal turning of the leaves. Wherever Denisonians go in the world, far and wide, they still seem to like a yearly dose of fall color from the hill.

So here they are, folks, brought to you by photographer Howard Korn, plus a few bonus pics: the last three in the gallery are by Manny Horsford ’13.

And if you’re really wishing for a stroll across campus this time of year, click the video above. It’s practically DEN Zen.

Happy fall, everyone.

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11:29 AM October 27, 2011

robert weis wrote:

Thanks for the fine video. I really liked the fact that you kept the original sounds of campus and did not superimpose music. It’s nice to remember crisp, sunny early autumn days!


11:46 AM October 27, 2011

Druie wrote:

Thank you for these lovely shots–many things may have changed on campus since 1977, but the trees are still so very beautiful.


12:25 PM October 27, 2011

Ethan wrote:

Thanks for this video, and like Robert, I really appreciate the natural soundtrack. Lots of fun, and ALMOST like getting a whiff of that crisp autumn air…


3:15 PM October 27, 2011

Steve wrote:

Thanks for putting us on campus with our kids. As expected, a wonderful and beautiful scene!


3:36 PM October 27, 2011

UniversityCommunications wrote:

We like the natural soundtrack, too, and now we have something else to like. Not long after we sent out TheDEN newsletter with a link to this story, Kurt Ebsary ’12, a music composition major, sent us a short piece of original music that he wrote just for the Fall at Denison video. It’s beautiful. You can see it, and hear it, here. Thanks, Kurt.


8:40 PM November 30, 2011

Manny wrote:

Yay! Most popular story on TheDEN! #winning


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