Baby, they were down


You never know what cool Denison stuff you’ll come across on the web, and today’s no exception. It’s a time-lapse video, shot by Hung Tran ’15, of this year’s D-Day concert, held on Oct. 29. Tran captured all the setup at the Mitchell Athletic Center, the arrival of all the concert-goers, the show itself featuring British R&B artist Jay Sean and opener Asher Roth, as well as the eventual tear-down of the stage. Nicely done, Hung!

(For those unfamiliar, D-Day—short for Denison Day—is one of the cooler traditions at the college. For more than 65 years, it’s been an annual day of festivals and games for students, often punctuated by a surprise concert. The University Programming Council, a student-run group, has brought many big-time acts to campus for D-Day, including Ben Folds, Rufus Wainwright, The Roots, Reel Big Fish, and Mos Def.)

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1:29 PM December 1, 2011


My favorite D-Day was seeing Third Eye Blind, who I had wanted to see live since I was 11 years old. I was the second person to walk into Mitchell when the doors opened and I stood front-row and center from start to finish. My second fave D-Day – The Roots.


2:09 PM December 1, 2011

Hung Tran wrote:

Credits for the the original idea of the timelapse video goes to Andrew Heidel, the D-Day Chair :-)


12:05 PM December 15, 2011

ML wrote:

@ Hung Tran, who gets credit for not having any music on this video?


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