Seven days of Denison


As 2011 rushes to a close, we’re taking a look back at the year—but not the whole year. Instead, every image in this amazing video was captured during just four days in the spring and three days in the fall.

So buckle up, folks—this video is 2 minutes, 32 seconds of pure, flat-out fun.

Happy holidays!

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12:16 PM December 15, 2011

daVID AQUILINA, cLASS OF 1975 wrote:

Nicely done! And, yes… very fun. The video captures and conveys the vitality of college life at Denison.


1:02 PM December 15, 2011

Annabella Gonzalez wrote:

I appreciate the images on this DVD but not the super flash images. They don’t allow one to see anything and, frankly, just gave me a headache. Is it possible to really see something?


1:48 PM December 15, 2011

David Jones wrote:



2:45 PM December 15, 2011

Fran Rumford wrote:

I LOVE this! It shows both the vitality of the population on the Denison campus, as well as the broad range of interests of its student body. Wonderful snippet of such a terrific educational institution!


5:02 PM December 15, 2011

Jim Tredwell wrote:

you weren’t kidding about buckle up. Almost too fast at first, but then a pace to it to be able to digest the photos. college is still college, even at warp speed.

Curious – how many images were there?


5:37 PM December 15, 2011

Natalie Kenny “60 wrote:

I love this. Good Job!!


5:40 PM December 15, 2011

Manny wrote:



8:15 PM December 15, 2011

Jim Effinger wrote:

I really like this! a little quick but thats ok! I loved the music is there a way to know who did the music it something I can buy, or downloa? Lastly I missed the sports of football and track I am an big fan as my Denison son Pat plays both.


10:04 PM December 15, 2011

Kathy Walling wrote:

Well done! Great choice on the music.


10:41 AM December 16, 2011

suzy wrote:

video frames too fast…but guesss today’s kids with short attention spans require this..too bad. thanks anyway


6:07 AM December 17, 2011

George E. Meanor ’58 wrote:

This was way too fast and difficult to absorb, however, it’s a current reminder of some of the happiest and most rewarding days of my life at Denison.


12:12 PM December 19, 2011

Alice Daniel wrote:

Great video and adore the music! Thanks.


2:19 AM December 20, 2011

Corwin h lakin wrote:

TOO MUCH…but I watched all 2 minutes, 32 seconds and could relate.


4:16 PM December 20, 2011

UniversityCommunications wrote:

Thanks for all the great comments. To answer a couple of the questions:

– There were around 1,400 photos used in the video

– For the music, we found and purchased an incidental background track that we thought fit the spirit of the video really well.


10:06 PM February 28, 2012

Mrs E wrote:

to university communications—you found and purchased the music??? REALLY?? with the phenomenal music dept you have right there at Denison? I’m shocked. There are many creative music students right there anxious to get there stuff out there.


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