The library gets all warm and fuzzy


There’s nothing unusual about a crowded library during finals week. But Thursday afternoon, the atrium was overflowing with positively giddy students huddled around some very special guests—three dogs and a cat.

The animals were visiting Denison courtesy of the library staff and Angel Paws, an organization that provides certified therapy animals for home visits. And, clearly, bringing a little bit of “home” into the library generated some excitement; the students were lined up and waiting for 15 minutes before the pets were due to arrive.

The visitors didn’t disappoint. Cooper the Lab, Molly the Nova Scotia Tolling Retriever, and Madison the Maltipoo were quickly surrounded, while Percy the Persian (yes, that’s his name) lay regally amidst a coterie of admirers.

The library initiated the visit as part of a bigger plan to help ease stress for exam-takers. (Nearby, a large platter that had been stripped of its cookies gave mute evidence of another strategy.) Animal therapy was a natural fit for their program. “Frankly, the students talk to me about their pets even more than about their parents!” said Library Associate Susan Rice.

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10:39 AM January 6, 2012

Luisa Cywinski wrote:

Great idea!


11:28 AM January 31, 2012

Jamie Thorsen wrote:

This was really nice to see. In the 70’s there were dogs all over campus. Some lived in the frats, others with students and professors off campus. There even was a 3 legged dog named “tripod”.


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