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“Take your mark!” A view of the old starting blocks in Gregory Pool

After five decades of legendary competition and grueling, superstar-producing workouts, Denison’s venerable Gregory Swimming Pool will host its final swimming and diving meet tonight. Following the dual meet with Malone University, the pool will be relegated to swimming and diving practices as the men’s team prepares to defend its 2011 NCAA national title and the women’s squad attempts to improve on its 2011 national runner-up finish.

The storied venue that has been home to hundreds of swimming and diving All-Americans and two NCAA national championship teams is being replaced with a $38.5 million renovation and expansion of the college’s athletics facilities scheduled to open later this year. Opened to the public in the fall of 1962, Gregory Pool, named in memory of Denison sports legend Mike Gregory ’29, has hosted tens of thousands of Big Red practices and hundreds of dual meets, and has served the community as a recreational resource.

Former Denison swimming coach and athletic director Ted Barclay, a professor emeritus and a Varsity D Association Hall of Famer, will be on hand at Gregory to help commemorate the special evening.

Read more about Gregory Pool and Mike Gregory, and view a collection of archival photos of the facility at

UPDATE (1/30): Denison’s men and women cruised to a dual meet victory over Malone University on Friday. Prior to the start of the meet, senior diver Phil Meyer performed the ceremonial “Final Dive” at Gregory Pool and long-time coach and administrator Lynn Schweizer served as the honorary judge. Following Meyer’s dive, former swimming coach and athletic director Ted Barclay served as the honorary starter for the “Final Start”, an exhibition 50-yard freestyle swum by current Denison captains. Representing the swimming and diving program’s alumni was 1988 graduate and Denison Hall of Fame member Charlie Lownes in lane one. For more on the celebration and the meet, including video, check out

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1:21 PM January 31, 2012

David garretson wrote:

I spent many hours in that pool and swam many miles from 69-73. Many wonderful memories and teammates. During my senior year I was captain and Coach Barclay had taken a sabbatical during the fall semester to travel to the 72 Olympics. That made me coach as well. Ted returned to watch ” my team” win the Ohio Conference Relays”. My record stands as 1-0 which makes me the only undefeated coach in Denison Swimming history ! So long Mike Gregory Pool. Really will miss seeing the place but can’t wait to see the new facility. Long overdue. Dave


1:46 AM February 1, 2012

Tom Gray wrote:

I hope Mike Gregory will be remembered in some other way now that Gregory is to be terminated. He was a lifesaver for the Navy and Marine students who used his house as a Fraternity House during the war.


4:28 PM February 1, 2012

suzy conover wrote:

That is where coach Barclay taught me and others to obtain our scuba diving certification. Only problem for me was that due to the weight of the regulation air tanks I spent a lot of class time walking back and forth on the bottom of the pool – definately did not need a weight belt. I recall that the night diving simulation was a bit, well, interesting. Thanks, Coach, I made it through ok.


5:14 PM February 3, 2012

Ben Callaway wrote:

no mention of new pool, which I assume has been built and already in use. my graduaton predated the “old pool” by 12 years. will the old pool be open for public use? if so, another good reason to live in Granville, if you don’t mind getting wet. these just questions, not necesarily for publication.


11:46 PM February 6, 2012

CHris cross wrote:

Like Dave Garretson, aka “Cretack”, below, I had many hours logged in the pool from 1970 to 1974–water polo, swimming, lifeguarding, helping teach SCUBA… Too many stories to tell; lots of good friends who remain so today; and enough memories to keep me going. Ted Barclay and my teammates made it all worthwhile. So, who can identify the four swimmers in the picture and what year?


5:57 PM April 4, 2012

Ray Dean wrote:

left to right-Myron Powellson, Ray Dean, ?, Jonathan Lewis.!967-1968.


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