Spring awakening


It’s been unusually warm around here the last couple weeks, but today makes it official—it’s springtime on campus. Classes are outside, students are hanging out on the greens, and everyone seems to have dusted off their shorts from winter storage.

We managed to grab a few pics on this fitting, first day of spring.

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8:59 PM March 20, 2012

Anonymous wrote:

Manny is the best tour guide ever!!!


1:04 AM April 9, 2012

Manny Horsford wrote:

Thanks for the comment! I appreciate the support :) Tour guiding is most certainly one of my favorite things to do here on campus.


3:05 PM March 28, 2012

Barbara Giffin ’59 wrote:

Seeing the campus in all its glory when spring bursts through the winter brings back soooooo many nostalgic memories. I wish I could say “transport me Scotty” and be there too. A “shout out” to all my classmates and fellow Denisonions from sunny Florida. Barbara (Bobbie)


8:27 PM March 29, 2012

mIKE rICHARDS wrote:

After leaving as a senior, I now really appreciate how beautiful Denison’s campus is. If I am correct, Denison’s campus is one of the most beautiful in the country. We are so fortunate that our College is also one of the best managed in the USA.Denison has other colleges trying to emulate our growth in endowment,which leads almost all colleges. So much to be proud of,academics,close student faculty relationships, beautiful campus and town, and nearby larger cities. I know, after seniors leave, their appreciation grows. I hope all feel as I do and support our College as much as you are able.


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