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Now that a highly successful and well-attended Reunion Weekend has come and gone in Granville, summer at Denison can begin in earnest. And believe it or not, that means it’s time to start looking forward to the upcoming academic year. The first of five two-day June Orientation (June-O) sessions began on Monday, and our newest Denisonians, members of the Class of 2016, will be on campus during the next several days, exploring the college and all it has to offer.

A time-honored tradition offered by the college’s First-Year Program, June-O focuses primarily on academic preparation and includes fall semester course pre-registration.

We grabbed some photos of students and their parents as they got their bearings and geared-up for their Denison experience.

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10:03 AM June 6, 2012

hilary cornell wrote:

The picture of the professor with three students is a current summer research group in chemistry, not June-O students. There are many exciting things happening on campus this summer!


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