You are special (and you are not alone)


Xiaoshi “Vivian” Qin ’12

After graduation ceremonies this spring, Xiaoshi “Vivian” Qin ’12 didn’t have much time to relax and rest on her laurels. The studio arts and communication double major was booked by the Roy G. Biv gallery in Columbus to take part in a two-person exhibition in August. Qin, who hails from Guangzhou, China, created an installation work that pivots around the theme “You are special, and you are not alone.”

“This show is mostly about being different, and about how it empowers you and harms you all the same,” says Qin. “I wanted to make something fun, but also at the same time something that makes people think.”

Using prosaic objects like bagels and bubble wrap, Qin challenges her audience to not simply observe, but instead to engage in the exhibition. In “Joy,” a carpet of painted bubble wrap invites rampant stomping, creating the cheerful sound of popping (and lots of smiles). And in “Social Power Structure Through The Eye of A Bagel,” the inside of the bagel contains a paper diagram of a social power pyramid, a subtle comment on the inclusive vs. exclusive.

Enjoy a short tour through Qin’s art.

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1:06 PM August 22, 2012

Gabriele wrote:

Vivian, I love the spirit of your show. And thanks for the hug under the care blanket and the laughs on the bubbles!


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