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Chair of the Board of Trustees Tom Hoaglin ’71 was delighted to announce today (Nov. 1, 2012) at the general faculty meeting that Adam Weinberg will become Denison’s 20th president, succeeding Dale Knobel, who will retire on June 30, 2013, after 15 years of exceptional leadership at the helm.

Weinberg, who will begin his Denison tenure on July 1, is currently the president of World Learning, an international nonprofit organization that provides education, exchange, and development programs in more than 60 countries. A professor of sociology, he was vice president and dean of the college at Colgate University, where he served on the faculty for more than a decade.

His selection comes after a yearlong search conducted jointly by a committee composed of trustees, faculty, staff, and students.

Dr. Adam Weinberg

“Joining Denison is a unique opportunity to be a part of a leading academic institution that is challenging itself to re-imagine the role of a liberal arts education in a rapidly changing world,” Weinberg says. “I look forward to collaborating with Denison’s faculty so that our students continue to benefit from an education that demands spirited debate and personal engagement with ideas that impact local and global communities. On a personal note, my family and I are excited to join both the Denison and Granville communities.”

Jill Tiefenthaler, president of Colorado College, calls Weinberg “a visionary leader, a champion of the liberal arts and a dedicated mentor to students.”

To learn more about the next generation of leadership at the college, read the full news release, and click on this video link to hear Dr. Weinberg talk about his new role at Denison.

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1:42 PM November 1, 2012

James Stevenson wrote:

bring back the frat houses Dr. Weinberg!! save the school!!


2:57 PM November 1, 2012

Steven jameson wrote:

Or… you could be smart and not do what James Stevenson just said. You probably don’t want to increase the alcohol problems that are apparently prevalent from last weekend.


4:11 PM November 1, 2012

Jeri wrote:

Reading about our new president’s background and hearing him speak makes me wish I were going to be an entering freshman next fall instead of a Class of ’63 graduate who will be attending a 50 year reunion next spring! I extend my best wishes to you, Dr. Weinberg, for a long, happy, and productive time of service at Denison.


9:33 AM November 2, 2012

the real steven jameson wrote:

I’m the real Steven Jameson, and I find the imposter’s comment appalling and ignorant. bringing back the fraternity houses would help make the school a better place. Don’t be a [word deleted]


9:39 AM November 2, 2012

steven stevenson wrote:

yeah because no school has ever successfully operated with frat houses right? This school was a better, much happier place when these houses were in operation. The alcohol problems are coming from kids who did not drink in high school dont know their limits. Lets see how many of these kids actually join fraternities…


11:36 AM November 2, 2012

Samantha Kraft wrote:

Dr. Weinberg looks like he’ll be a great fit for Denison!


11:49 AM November 2, 2012

Dylan Missett wrote:

He looks like a great choice for us, but we’ll miss Dale T too.


12:14 PM November 2, 2012

Maura wrote:

Dr. Weinberg looks like an awesome new president!


3:02 PM November 2, 2012

Keith McWalter wrote:

A warm welcome to Dr. Weinberg and all best wishes for a successful tenure as Denison’s next President! Congratulations and thanks to the trustees and the search committee on what I know was an arduous and thorough search, and a wonderful result for the college we love!

Keith McWalter ’71


4:25 PM November 2, 2012

Manny wrote:

Welcome home, Dr. Weinberg! I look forward to seeing the growth of Denison University in the years to come. You appear to be a great fit for our college, and I speak for everyone here when I say, “Congratulations!”


4:36 PM November 2, 2012

Lawrence wrote:

As an interested alum, I’m thrilled at the prospect of Dr. Weinberg leading my alma mater into the future and continuing Denison’s path as a leading liberal arts college. And heartfelt thanks to President Knobel for his outstanding contributions over the last 15 years.


10:33 AM November 5, 2012

george r. wrote:

A warm welcome to Dr. Weinberg, and kudos to the trustees for choosing such an accomplished leader to be Denison’s next president. These are indeed exciting times!


10:35 PM November 5, 2012

roslyn wrote:

great news for our great college! best wishes to dr. weinberg as he begins, and also to dr. knobel as he enters retirement next summer.


5:32 PM November 7, 2012

Billy B. wrote:

So pleased to read that the vision and leadership of Denison will continue to be in the best of hands when Dr. Knobel retires after a remarkable run. Congrats and welcome to Dr. Weinberg. We look forward to your arrival this summer.


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