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It’s not news. It’s not life-changing. But it’s Spring Break, so here’s some silly fun with Steve Carell ’84 chatting with Jimmy Fallon about his new movie, his first date, and his gig as a DJ on WDUB Radio at Denison. He recounts the story of how he first came to be “Sapphire” Steve Carell on the campus airwaves.

And since Steve’s on a roll, check out this additional clip below where, as a “fake news correspondent” on ESPN’s SportsCenter,  he calls out NFL analyst Adam Schefter for lying and posting bogus tweets.

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10:21 PM March 17, 2013

a.j. whites, III wrote:

To be quite honest, I think it’s rude how Steve Carell avoids the direct mention of Denison in this interview. I’ve heard it said that he does not wish to make public details of his private life, but it’s odd how he mentions “Granville, Ohio” but not “Denison University.” As if there could be any other college in Granville? Steve C. needs to step up and give a little more credit the alma mater.


12:14 AM March 23, 2013

Anonymous wrote:

lolololo I am so cool


12:16 AM March 23, 2013

Anonymous wrote:

mannnn why a.j. whites be critisize the carrell dog mann?


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