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Abdi Ali ’13 is one of four Posse Scholars highlighted in a recent article from the Boston Posse Quarterly.

Denison has been partnering with the Posse Foundation since 2000 when it welcomed its first class of Scholars from Chicago. Now, as the college enters its ninth year with Posse Boston, a Posse Boston Quarterly article took a look at just a few of Denison’s stand-out Scholars and the impacts they’ve made on the Hill and beyond.

In the article, “Denison Scholars Thrive on Campus,” Abdi Ali ’13 and Faith Simunyu ’13 were called out for their Distinguished Leadership Awards, and Posse also recognized Ali’s Davis Project for Peace grant, which he’s using this summer to assist women in Ethiopia who suffer from obstetric fistula, a medical condition that affects all aspects of their lives and often leaves them ostracized from their families and friends.  The Quarterly recognized Simunyu’s UNCF Merck Initiative scholarship, which she won in 2012—the first Denison student to be awarded the prestigious $25,000 grant.

But it wasn’t all about the seniors. Ana Morales ’14 was highlighted for becoming the president of the student body, and Jennifer Reyes ’15 caught Posse’s attention for her 2013 Humanity in Action Fellowship, which allowed her to travel abroad this summer to explore world issues with scholars and peers.

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11:08 AM July 27, 2013

Toni wrote:

I’m so proud of our Denison Posse Scholars for the many contributions they make to our campus and beyond it! The leadership and academic scholarship Posse scholars receive is clearly giving these scholars an opportunity to thrive. Based on their accomplishments, thriving means giving something back.

Toni King,
Associate Provost
Denison Posse Liaison


11:34 AM August 2, 2013

robert weis wrote:

I’m very proud of Ana Morales. I was her teacher her first semester at Denison. She has really made the most of all of the opportunities afforded her and developed into a model scholar-citizen. Way to go!


12:22 PM August 8, 2013

vince porcheddu-engel wrote:

As a Denison spouse of 20 years I found Fred’s Posse experience to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of our time here. It was exciting to watch the students of Boston Posse 2 as they experienced the Midwest, and Denison, and college life from picking them up at the airport for day one, through graduation. The Posse programs and all others that bring awareness of the importance of diversity to campuses are strong components of college life for all students.


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