Rude awakening


It was early—before noon—on a Saturday morning in the fall of 1974. With no
concern for the sleepy inhabitants inside East Hall, an Adytum photographer rapped
hard on every door of the basement hallway, flatly shouting “Yearbook!” The
students stepped out into the dark cinder block hall, bleary, in their underwear, not
yet camera-ready. “Everybody outside in two minutes,” the photographer called.

“I don’t remember which of us had the first-rate idea to dress in ‘ironic formal,’” says
James Hale ’78, “but we used both of those two minutes to find our neckties and line
up outside the back door.”

“Take a moment to appreciate our trim physiques, our hair,  and our excellent wit,”
says Hale. “One of those things hasn’t changed.”

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10:13 AM August 23, 2013

Beth Dittmar wrote:

I love that every one of them HAD a blazer and a tie in their closet! I bet that can’t be said today.


11:00 AM August 23, 2013

George wrote:

Beth, are you dumb? just asking for a friend


11:15 AM August 23, 2013

Bill wrote:

How about the tam, the cowboy hat and the fan-favorite Daniel Boone raccoon cap? Fashion “must-haves” in the early 70’s. The ties are so wide you have to look hard to see that none of them are wearing shirts.


12:22 PM August 23, 2013

lynne cunnington Bishop wrote:

Wow! I love that I recognize almost everyone in this photo and could probably name most! Excellent wit indeed, Jamie!


1:11 PM August 23, 2013

christie offenberg lopez wrote:

very dapper for a saturday morning photo shoot, gentlemen!


2:44 PM August 23, 2013

Roman Dittrich wrote:

Funny, but I remember that picture being taken. I lived on the second floor, together with my roommate Dave Weislogel. We wanted to go inside, but the entrance was blocked for the photo shoot.


5:17 PM August 23, 2013

Nancy David wrote:

What Daniel Boone cap???? Isn’t that HAIR??? Everyone was so hirsute in the early 70s, so Neanderthal. But I recognize most of those fine young men, too. Excellent wit, indeed.


11:25 PM August 23, 2013

Mary Ogden Westerlind wrote:

Great picture in so many ways!!!


9:35 AM August 30, 2013

Kathy warwoman kern wrote:

and the great knees?


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