Comedy break

While many spring breakers across the nation were beach bound, the Burpee’s Seedy Theatrical Company headed for stages in the Windy City.

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Comedy break
While many spring breakers across the nation were beach bound, the Burpee’s Seedy Theatrical Company headed for stages in the Windy City. (Apr. 14, 2014)

Denison Grad Coaches In NCAA Championship Game

Denison grad coaches in NCAA Championship game
John Robic, Denison class of 1986, is on his way to his fourth national championship game Monday night in Dallas as assistant coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, and we’ll be cheering him on. (Apr. 6, 2014)


Fantastic finish
Two Denison seniors capped their illustrious swimming careers with individual championships at this year’s NCAA Nationals. (Mar. 31, 2014)


Opening act
Ladies’ Night Out plays the Nationwide Arena—and helps raise money for the fight against pediatric cancer. (Mar. 25, 2014)


Anything grows
Lia Crosby ’13 and Shane Richmond ’13 are pushing their local food mission—and helping the community along the way. (Feb. 21, 2014)

After Work

Anyone want to meet up after work?
On Jan. 29, the college hosted the 9th annual “After Work with Denison … Everywhere!” event—and Denisonians took over pubs and restaurants all over the country and beyond. (UPDATED) (Jan. 29, 2014)


A shark bites
Berry Wanless ’99 and his sister Betsy Johnson take their business to ABC’s Shark Tank. (Jan. 27, 2014)


Welcome to Twitter, @AdamAtDenison!
President Adam Weinberg joins the Twitterverse. (Jan. 22, 2014)


Denison in the Blogosphere (1/17/14)
How to draw the human heart, become a fashionista, and make the most of your time on the Hill. (Jan. 17, 2014)


A soldier in the poverty war
Fifty years ago, the U.S. government launched the War on Poverty under Lyndon B. Johnson. Today, the battle continues, and Robert Caldwell ’82 is fighting hard. (Jan. 15, 2014)


Home on ice
Todd Frederickson ’96 started playing ice hockey at age 5. Now he’s sitting in the front office of the Iowa Wild, presiding over a brand new team. (Dec. 16, 2013)


That high (not so) lonesome sound
The Mark Wade Trio recently brought a little bluegrass to Taiwan and showed an international audience just what a dulcimer can do. (Dec. 11, 2013)

President Barak Obama bestows the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, upon Denison alumnus Sen. Richard Lugar '54.

‘An internationally respected statesman’
Denison alumnus and former U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar ’54 receives the nation’s highest civilian honor — the Presidential Medal of Freedom. (Nov. 21, 2013)


On this Veterans Day, we share the story of two service members who met at Denison and began a 50-year friendship. (Nov. 11, 2013)


Lessons from the barn
Everything about Julia Boss ’14 seems to be wrapped up in horses — her talents, her career choice, even her study habits. (Nov. 1, 2013)

Preserving A Landmark

Preserving a landmark
Denison has announced plans to purchase the historic Granville Inn. (Sep. 20, 2013)


The road to Nashville (UPDATED)
Caroline Spence ’11 takes the stage at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival—and she may earn yet another prize for her work. (Aug. 16, 2013)


White House honors
The White House announced that former Sen. Richard Lugar ’54 will receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. (Aug. 9, 2013)

Planting Hope

Planting hope
Each summer a trio of Denison students teams up with local teens to grow a stronger community. (Aug. 8, 2013)

One of Etz' favorite pieces from the Little Boxes exhibition is this dollhouse created by Yinka Shonibare.

If these walls could talk
As a summer intern at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Karly Etz ’13 helped to curate an exhibition that examines the intersection of architecture and art. (Aug. 1, 2013)


Who’s that girl?
Did you notice the alumna featured in Sunday’s New York Times? And no, we’re not talking about Jennifer Garner ’94. (Jul. 24, 2013)


On her first big climb, Liza Hudock ’12 brought some very important gear to the top of Mount Rainier. (Jul. 16, 2013)


National treasure
Denison alumnus William G. Bowen ’55 has been awarded the National Humanities Medal by President Barack Obama. (Jul. 12, 2013)

Rolling Out the Big Red Carpet

Rolling out the Big Red Carpet
Sharon Siegel Carr ’73 and Carl Moellenberg ’74, a pair of Broadway producers, raked in the awards at this month’s Tonys. (Jun. 24, 2013)

Poetry in Motion

Poetry in motion
Jennifer Luebbers ’09 shares her work, which recently earned her the Diane Middlebrook Poetry Fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. (Jun. 20, 2013)

Share the Love

The case for love
June 12 marks a landmark 1967 Supreme Court decision that changed the way the United States views marriage. (Jun. 12, 2013)

Top Teach

Top teach
When Alison Grizzle ’97 became the Alabama Teacher of the Year, she was proud to represent a school that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. (Jun. 10, 2013)

Things I Wish I Knew at 22

Five things I wish I knew at 22
His daughter’s college graduation got Matthew Harrington ’84 thinking about a few important life lessons. (May. 24, 2013)

George Bellows, Polo at Lakewood, 1910 (Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, Art Association Purchase)

Expert advice
On the heels of a National Medal for the Columbus Museum of Art, we asked Executive Director Nannette Maciejunes ’75 to share her picks for “must-see” CMA exhibitions. (May. 23, 2013)

Look closely! The eaglet that lives in a local nest tends to be a little camera shy.

Eagle eyes
Two Granville eagles—and a slew of local birders—keep watch over Granville’s newest neighbor. (May. 21, 2013)

Morgan Phoenix, El Camino High School in Oceanside, Calif.

They’ve got mail!
Here’s a look at a few of our prospective students after they received the good news from our Admissions Office in their mailboxes. (Apr. 28, 2013)

While teaching music to students in Tanzania, Kurt Ebsary '12 wrote and recorded an album with them, and he hopes the sales from their CD will help to fund a soundproof recording room for the school.

The sound of music
Kurt Ebsary ’12 has teamed up with students at the International School Moshi to record an album to raise funds for the school in Tanzania. (Apr. 16, 2013)

I Love Granville

‘I Love Granville’
The Sustainability Fellows have just launched a new campaign, ‘I Love Granville,’ to encourage folks to think global and buy local. (Mar. 28, 2013)

The Dorm Food Do-Over

The dorm food do-over
As the “food issue” of Denison Magazine makes its way across the country, we offer up a recipe from Kathy Lesser ’79 to tease your taste buds. (Canned peas never looked so good.) (Mar. 26, 2013)


Getting silly with Steve
“Sapphire” Steve Carell ’84 tells Jimmy Fallon about his radio days on WDUB. (Mar. 15, 2013)

The Wonderful Wizard Of College

The wonderful wizard of college
A play teaches local fourth-graders the importance of education and money management. (Feb. 27, 2013)

A Denisonian In Paris

A Denisonian in Paris
Jessie Kanelos Weiner ’08 explains how the liberal arts drew her to the City of Light. (Feb. 7, 2013)

Lessons From The Pizza Line

Lessons from the pizza line
When two men were harassed in downtown Columbus, the local community stepped in. Why bystander intervention can help the fight for equality. (Jan. 30, 2013)

What Are You Doing Wednesday Night?

What are you doing Wednesday night?
The “After Work with Denison … Everywhere” event will be in full swing at more than 30 locations around the world. See if there’s one near you. (Jan. 28, 2013)

The Significance Of Selma

The significance of Selma
Winter Break was more than a vacation for 84 students participating in the Break Away program—it was a service-learning experience. (Jan. 24, 2013)

Denison In The Blogosphere (1/11/13)

Denison in the Blogosphere (1/11/13)
In this international edition of Blogosphere, we journey across three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. (Jan. 11, 2013)

Columbus In Color

Columbus in color
How do you depict a skyline using crayons—without ever using them to draw a single line? Watch this time lapse video to find out. (Jan. 8, 2013)

Dr. Cynthia Baum ’78 confers honorary degree to Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former president of Costa Rica, Dr. Óscar Arias Sánchez, at Walden’s 48th Commencement Ceremony in August 2012

A life of learning
Cynthia Baum ’78 is about to wrap up her first year as the ninth president of Walden University. A pretty impressive academic career that started with the words, “Why not? (Jan. 4, 2013)

Awards Season

Awards season
Earlier this week President Knobel was honored with the CASE V Chief Executive Leadership Award. And that’s just one of the accolades he’s received this fall. (Dec. 13, 2012)

An Adventure To Remember

An adventure to remember
Get an inside look as a group of first-year students explore the many sights of Daniel Boone National Forest. (Dec. 12, 2012)

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Who wants to be a millionaire?
Alex Parker ’12 pocketed part of last week’s record setting Powerball drawing. (Dec. 7, 2012)

Remembering Liz

Remembering Liz
Friends, family and the Denison community come together to honor the memory of Liz Minter ’13, who passed away last spring of a rare brain tumor, by raising money to fund brain cancer research. (Dec. 6, 2012)

Sports Authority

Sports authority
Tuesday night in New York, George Bodenheimer ’80 was honored by the National Football Foundation with its Distinguished American Award. (Dec. 5, 2012)

Out Of The Storm

Out of the storm
When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, Lauri Pierson Weinfeld ’78 offered her rental property, rent-free, to a family in need. In Sandy’s wake, she’s hoping to do it again (Nov. 27, 2012)

Check Your Mailbox

Check your mailbox
Channel your inner artist. The new issue of Denison Magazine is on its way—and we want you to use the cover as a canvas. (Nov. 15, 2012)

In Thanks

In thanks
In honor of Veteran’s Day, we tell the story of one local man—and a former Denison faculty member—whose World War II sacrifice ensured our freedom. (Nov. 12, 2012)

Brand New Browns

Brand new Browns
In a big day for Cleveland sports, the Browns’ new ownership appointed Joe Banner ’75 as the team’s new CEO. (Oct. 16, 2012)

Solar Sizzle

Solar sizzle
Prof. Joe Reczek’s innovative way to demonstrate the power of the sun is helping local school kids see solar in a whole new light. (Oct. 5, 2012)

Tonight's The Night

In it to win it
Comedian and DU alum Tom Cotter ’86 is one of six finalists on America’s Got Talent. He’s the first comic ever to make it to the finals. (Sep. 12, 2012)

For The Village Pedalers

For the village pedalers
We headed out to Granville’s bike path for a ride and brought you a few scenes from the trail. (Sep. 11, 2012)

You Are Special (and You Are Not Alone)

You are special (and you are not alone)
An exhibition of art by Xiaoshi “Vivian” Qin ’12 in Columbus’ groovy Short North district. (Aug. 20, 2012)

In Theatres Near You: Steve & Jen

In theatres near you: Steve & Jen
Grab the popcorn and take your pick. Between Steve Carell ’84 in Hope Springs and Jennifer Garner ’94 in The Odd Life of Timothy Green, there’s a little bit of everything in theatres this week, from comedy to drama to fantasy. (Aug. 16, 2012)

Denison in the Blogosphere (8/8/12)

Denison in the Blogosphere (8/9/12)
In this summer’s addition, we have the Venture Philanthropy Club, a new reality show, and a video from the softball team. (Aug. 9, 2012)

You Can Grow A Garden, Too

You can grow a garden, too
A new book by former Homesteaders Brad Halm ’02 and Colin McCrate ’00 will have you growing your own food in no time. (Aug. 6, 2012)

The Granville Inn

Room in the inns
From the beginning, the histories of the Buxton and Granville inns have been linked to our fair college. (Aug. 3, 2012)

Well Represented

Well represented
Mark Heckmann ‘11 says he feels honored to represent recent Denisonians as one of the newest additions to the Board of Trustees. (Aug. 1, 2012)

Giving Of The Heart

Giving of the heart
Shea McMahon ’09 returned a war medal to the son of the man who lost it more than two decades ago. (Jul. 30, 2012)

Reaching The Peak

Reaching the PEAK
Denison students, staff, and faculty help Newark students to learn about higher education. (Jul. 23, 2012)

Business Lessons

Business lessons
In a recent article from Barron’s, John Faraci, a Denison trustee and the CEO of International Paper, shares the secrets of his success. (Jul. 19, 2012)

More Than A Sport

Taking his best shot
For Casey Stockton ’12, basketballs have become tools for change. This October, he’s off for a 10-month journey to Rwanda. (Jul. 17, 2012)

If you're a sports fan, you know sports writer and radio personality Dan Patrick. And if you're a Dan Patrick fan and a Denison fan, you may have been pretty excited to see a familiar Denison symbol during a recent Dan Patrick Show simulcast: a Denison swim cap. It first appeared in June and has been part of the studio décor for a few weeks now. How did it get there? Turns out, Nancy Duncan Porter, a development officer for the college, began trading emails with the Dan Patrick team back in March in hopes of getting a group of organizational studies students a tour of the studio and a chat with some professionals in the broadcasting and entertainment world. Unfortunately, the show wasn't equipped to host a tour at the time, but when a Duncan Porter sent them the cap, the Dan Patrick team offered up the hat trick as a very cool consolation prize.

The latest in desk décor
The story of how a Denison swim cap made its way to the on-air desk at the Dan Patrick Show. (Jul. 11, 2012)

Jeremy Blake's passion is helping the people of his hometown Newark, Ohio.

Home improvement
Recent grad Jeremy Blake didn’t follow the traditional path to college—he’s been creating avenues for hope. (Jul. 9, 2012)

All In The Family

All in the family
Quinn Bartlett ’13 will follow in his family’s footsteps when he swims in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials. (Jun. 26, 2012)

Advice From A Centenarian

Advice from a centenarian
Kerma Bradford Nordyke ’27 shares a tip for those with a little less life experience. (Jun. 22, 2012)

Out Of The Box

Out of the box
Christian Faur, director of collaborative technologies for the Fine Arts, pays homage to the dying pixel. (Jun. 20, 2012)

Making it in style

Making it in style
How an off-campus study experience in Taiwan set Cally Rieman ’93 on the path to launching her own line of women’s fashion. (Jun. 13, 2012)

Going Back To Give Back

Going back to give back
Track star Dee Salukombo ’12 touches lives wherever he is. Now he’s going back to Africa to help the children of his homeland, and it’s a story that a lot of people want to tell. (May. 30, 2012)

Going Global

Going global
President Knobel recently traveled to Saudi Arabia to share ideas with a new liberal arts college for women. (May. 25, 2012)

Denison's Got Talent

Denison’s got talent
Tom Cotter ’86 cracked up the judges on America’s Got Talent and managed to advance to the next round. (May. 23, 2012)

Crooked Arrows

‘Crooked Arrows’
A breakout movie about lacrosse, “Crooked Arrows,” has its roots on the Denison playing fields. (May. 17, 2012)


A family film
What happens when greed goes unchecked? Kirk Combe and his son explore the possibilities in their new sci-fi film, The Feed. (May. 2, 2012)

Great Journeys Begin With A Single Step

Great journeys begin with a single step
Signe Burgstaller ’88 recently stopped by to spend a day with students and talk about her personal experience as an international student and a U.N. ambassador. (Apr. 27, 2012)

The People's Choice

The people’s choice
Senior Brittany Kunkel just won the People’s Choice Award in a competition that pitted her against the best and brightest college artists in the state. (Apr. 18, 2012)

Tales From The Bottom

Tales from the bottom
Denison Magazine will be in the mail next week, and we have a sneak peek featuring a lost Kentucky community. (Apr. 16, 2012)

Big Red Lends A Hand

Big Red lends a hand
From community cleanup to voter registration to face painting—Big Red’s Big Day was a giant success. (Apr. 3, 2012)

Men On A Mission

Men on a mission
For the second year in a row, the men’s swimming and diving team takes the national championship. (Mar. 28, 2012)

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home is where the heart is
Dee Salukombo ’12 has won a Davis Projects for Peace award, and this summer he’ll use it to create a learning center in the village of his birth in the Congo. (Mar. 23, 2012)

Marc Anderson '07 and Julie Black '05 (front) were among a panel of alumni invited to speak to students by professor Sue Davis (rear) and the political science department.

Sound advice for career planning
Four recent alumni return to campus to share stories and lessons with current political science majors. (Mar. 14, 2012)

What Can You Do With An English Major, Anyway?

What can you do with an English major, anyway?
Matthew Harrington ’84 is taking on a new role as global COO of the world’s largest public relations firm. (Mar. 2, 2012)

That's What He Tweets

That’s what he tweets
Steve Carell ’84 has suddenly decided to tweet. More importantly, we have mustache photos. (Feb. 29, 2012)

More Than A Meal

More than a meal
Daisy Hackett ’13 is taking an interdisciplinary look at food—in Italy. (Feb. 27, 2012)

Big Band Boast

Big band boast
Members of the Jazz Ensemble are gearing up to perform at the Ohio Music Education Association’s annual conference. (Feb. 17, 2012)

And The Survey Says....

And the survey says…
The Wilson family—including siblings Laura ’14 and Sarah ’09—recently competed on Family Feud. (Feb. 16, 2012)


‘Home of Hope’
Kayla Mahalchak ’12 returns to an orphanage in Zimbabwe she first visited in 2008. (Feb. 7, 2012)


Sunglasses at night
Last night, from Granville all the way to London and Rio de Janeiro, alums gathered together for After Work with Denison…Everywhere. (Jan. 26, 2012)

Granville: The Place To Be

Granville: the place to be
Midwest Living magazine reminds us why the village is such a special place. (Jan. 18, 2012)

What To Expect When You're Expecting College

What to expect when you’re expecting college
Nancy Woodward Berk ’81 has managed to get two kids off to college. In the next issue of Denison Magazine, she offers tips on how you too can survive the college search. (Jan. 11, 2012)


Something new for Denisonians…everywhere
The launch of DenisonEverywhere.com gives Denison alums (everywhere) ways to connect on social, professional, and intellectual levels. (Jan. 9, 2012)

City Sidewalks

City sidewalks
Granville celebrates this holiday season with a glowing display. (Dec. 23, 2011)

From left, Megan Keaveney and Sibylle Freiermuth

Mumbai movie-makers
Megan Keaveney and Sibylle Freiermuth, both Class of ’11, traveled to India last summer with a goal of improving the health of women living in poverty. (Dec. 12, 2011)

Good Science, Clean Water

Good science, clean water
Joe Reczek is a prof on a mission: interest local kids in going to college and in the sciences—and do some good in the world at the same time. (Dec. 6, 2011)

Cross-Cultural Understanding

Cross-cultural understanding
Tory Scott ’15 receives an award from the Davis United World College Scholars Program. (Dec. 5, 2011)

Preserving Spring Valley

Preserving Spring Valley
The history of Licking County flows through Spring Valley, and now an effort is underway to restore and preserve the historic watershed. (Nov. 30, 2011)


‘A downgrade in confidence’
Noted economist Lee Sachs ’85 talks to Bloomberg TV about the supercommittee’s failed deficit-reduction talks. (Nov. 23, 2011)

Dollars and Sense

Dollars and sense
Director of Financial Aid Nancy Hoover is back from Capitol Hill where she continued her work to help students here and across the country. (Nov. 11, 2011)

n Honor From The Kennedy Center

An honor from the Kennedy Center
Mikala Hansen ’07 has won the national award for playwriting excellence, and she’s just getting started. (Oct. 24, 2011)

Hal Holbrook performs The Butter and Egg Man at the Denison Summer Theatre with Dick Welsbacher '48 and Luke Utter '50.

The boy who became Mark Twain
Hal Holbrook’s autobiography details his life before he hit the stage—including the fact that he got the nickname “Hal” at Denison. (Oct. 21, 2011)


Teach For America—No Kidding
Kimmi Oshita ’11, on her first few challenging weeks in a Baltimore school room as part of Teach For America. (Oct. 19, 2011)

Denison in the blogosphere (10/6/11)

Denison in the Blogosphere (10/6/11)
Educational, cultural, and personal reports from students studying this semester in Tunisia, Chile, and Senegal. (Oct. 6, 2011)

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Get Bazinga-ed

Sometimes you win and sometimes you get Bazinga-ed
Our Emmy nominees were awesome. That’s not just what she said—that’s what we’re all saying. (Sep. 21, 2011)

Members of last year’s Venture Philanthropy Club helped to curb the abuse of prescription drugs in Licking County. From left: professor and club advisor Fadhel Kaboub, Zack Goldman ’11, Ellie Thompson ’11, Peter Hurford ’14, Josh Goldman ’14, Corey Ackerman ’11, Mary Kimberly ’11, Lydia Boote ’11, and Rachel Mattingly ’11.

The $10,000 question
Each year, a student organization decides how to put venture philanthropy funding into action. The current project aims squarely at the lethal abuse of prescription drugs. (Sep. 20, 2011)

The plight of the refugee

The plight of the refugee
Betsy Fisher ’10 went to Jordan to teach English and learn Arabic. She returned with a commitment to advocate for refugees (and photos of many Denison friends.) (Sep. 8, 2011)

Broadband Wilderness

Broadband wilderness
As a new academic year launches, a senior plugs in to the very real human connections of Outdoor Orientation. (Sep. 1, 2011)

The Honeymooners

The honeymooners
Newlyweds Erin and alumnus Dave Hughes ’04 stopped by the Denison Homestead while on their bicycle trip from San Francisco to Pittsburgh. (Aug. 16, 2011)

If you've ever left your room or office on campus, you've heard rising senior Molly Coyne sing—and usually bring down the house in the process. She's lent her talents to several campus productions as well as to special events like last year's Induction. This summer, Ohio's longest-running nonprofit professional summer stock theatre, the Weathervane Playhouse in Newark, boasted Coyne's talents in several productions, including her co-starring role as Roxie Hart in Chicago (pictured above).

Enter senior soprano, stage left
DEN Shots: Molly Coyne ’12 lighting up the stage this summer at Weathervane Playhouse in Newark. (Aug. 12, 2011)

The Soul of Newark

The soul of Newark
Student investigation of Newark, Ohio, produces some newly minted journalists and community conversation. (Aug. 10, 2011)

'Sapphire' Steve Carell Gives Shout-Out To Campus Radio Station

‘Sapphire’ Steve Carell ’84 gives a shout-out to campus radio station
Steve Carell ’84 discusses his time as a DJ at Denison in an interview on NPR’s Talk of the Nation. (Jul. 28, 2011)

Extraordinary Medicine

Extraordinary medicine
From the lab to the big screen, Dr. Barry Byrne ’78 is using viruses to treat a form of muscular dystrophy. (Jul. 26, 2011)

Denison In The Blogosphere (7/25/11)

Denison in the Blogosphere (7/25/11)
We’ve got a playwright in Utah, a swim to Alcatraz, a specialty lacrosse store, and the Vintage Voices. (Jul. 25, 2011)


The nominations are in
Set the DVRs now, stock up on the popcorn, and see if Steve Carell ’84 and Christian Homlish ’03 take home Emmys in September. (Jul. 21, 2011)

Rock On, Brothers

Rock on, brothers
For your listening pleasure, the groovy Nashville sounds of brothers Scott and Brian Hylbert. (Jul. 15, 2011)

How to Catch An Iguana

How to catch an iguana
Bio students travel to the Bahamas for hands-on (literally) research of the most endangered iguanas in the world. (Jul. 8, 2011)

Left to right: row 1: Nicole Jimenez '12, Sarah Kelly '12, Stephanie Hynes '12, Christina Bazak '12, Umeshi Rajeendra '13, Brooke Felts '12; row 2: Connor Ford '14, Robert Moore '12, Stephen Czujko '13, Atanu Chakravarty '13 row 3: Will Rumford '12. Andy Gordon '12, Sam Fleuter '13, Steven Profitt '12, Robert Gardner '12, William Altman '12.

Life on ‘the other hill’
Political science students in Denison’s Richard G. Lugar ’54 Program make the most of their time on Capitol Hill. (Jun. 28, 2011)


Scholarship in far-away places
Students who’ve earned prestigious scholarships will be teaching and studying across the globe. (Jun. 27, 2011)

The Good Grub In Granville

The good grub in Granville
If you’re going for a stroll down Broadway, might as well take your appetite… (Jun. 15, 2011)

The Singing Surgeon

The singing surgeon
Former Hilltopper Paul Bryson ’00 belted out the National Anthem to raise awareness about vocal health, and it’s pretty clear that this doctor follows his own medical advice. (Jun. 10, 2011)


The long run
Track and cross country standout Dee Salukombo ’12 is running home to Lakewood—120 miles on foot. Here’s why. (May. 31, 2011)

This Good Deed Is 'Cool'

An ice-cold good deed
The club hockey team’s home ice gets a stone cold upgrade—and everybody wins. (May. 27, 2011)

Mark Haines (1946-2011)

Remembering Mark Haines
Remembering the late Mark Haines ’68, popular host of CNBC’s Squawk on the Street. (May. 25, 2011)

Denison in the Blogosphere (5/20/11)

Denison in the Blogosphere (5/20/11)
We’ve got baseball, coffee, and children’s literature. (May. 20, 2011)

Michael Scott Takes A Bow

Michael Scott takes a bow
Steve Carell ’84 makes his last appearance on The Office. Here’s a quiz to test your Michael Scott IQ. (Apr. 28, 2011)

Local Kids Have Their Interests 'PEAKed'

Local kids have their interests ‘PEAKed’
Students teach local second-graders about the environment and what it’s like to go to college. (Apr. 26, 2011)

The Diplomacy of a Good Sport

‘The Diplomacy of a Good Sport’
George Bodenheimer ’80, ESPN President, talks with the Financial Times about his past and future. (Apr. 22, 2011)


‘Late Show’ with Denison
On the Late Show with David Letterman, Jennifer Garner ’94 gives a shout-out to her alma mater and the men’s swimming and diving team for their recent national championship. (Apr. 7, 2011)

Making Peace

Making peace
Two seniors are headed to India this summer with a $10,000 award from Davis Projects for Peace. (Mar. 30, 2011)

You Think Our Hill Is Steep?

You think our hill is steep?
The view from atop Mount Kilimanjaro is gorgeous, and, hey, so is that sweatshirt. (Mar. 22, 2011)

Yu Itaka '11, center, is a music major from Japan.

‘They have never experienced this kind of quake before’
Yu Itaka is a senior from Japan, where his family is safe, but their experience has been frightening. (Mar. 16, 2011)

Commodities in an Uncertain Economy

Commodities in an uncertain economy
In an interview with the Fox Business Network, John Faraci ’72 talks commodity prices in the wake of unrest and turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East. (Mar. 7, 2011)

Jim Petro '70 has been selected as Ohio's next chancellor of higher education.

Former AG tapped to lead state’s university system
Jim Petro ’70, former attorney general of Ohio, has been named the new chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents. (Mar. 5, 2011)

Peace Corps. It's Part Of What We Do.

Peace Corps & Denison go hand-in-hand
Again this year, the Peace Corps has recognized Denison as one of the nation’s top producers of volunteers. (Feb. 25, 2011)

Scenes From Egypt’s ‘Day Of Wrath’

Scenes from Egypt’s ‘Day of Wrath’
When Cairo erupted in protest, Nick Lewandowski ’09 was there. In his own words and images, he shares a street-level account of the movement’s terrifying and uncertain early days. (Feb. 16, 2011)

Woody Hayes '35

Roots of a legend
When it comes to Woody Hayes, everyone thinks of that big university in Columbus, but, really, it all began at Denison. (Feb. 15, 2011)

Denison in the Blogosphere (2/11/11)

Denison in the Blogosphere (2/11/11)
Playwrights, bloggers, and disgruntled Packers fans? (Feb. 11, 2011)

The Works

Arts and sciences with The Works
It’s just one of the ways that students and profs help local schoolchildren to learn, but it might be one of the most fun. (Feb. 10, 2011)

Liberal Arts Grads Who Mean Business

Liberal arts grads who mean business
A winter break workshop explores the experiences of alumni entrepreneurs, and what the liberal arts had to do with their success. (Feb. 8, 2011)

Carrie Brownstein, Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen in 'Portlandia' / Photo by Scott Green/IFC

Homestead roots on ‘Portlandia’ farm
You know that farm featured on the new IFC show “Portlandia”? Yep, that’s run by three Homstead alums. (Feb. 4, 2011)


Should you ‘friend’ your parents?
Facebook’s Brooke Oberwetter ’02 weighs in on the ‘dislike’ button, friending your mom, and FB as a classroom teaching tool. (Feb. 3, 2011)


Recent graduate reports from Cairo
Nick Lewandowski ’09, a CNN iReporter in Cairo, talks with anchor Rosemary Church as tensions continue to escalate. (Jan. 31, 2011)

48 Hours To Serve

48 hours to serve
Hours donated: 539. Money raised: $1,048. Service to others: priceless. (Jan. 27, 2011)

Denisonians at last year's event in the Cleve

Everybody’s working for this Wednesday…
Meet us on the Twitter (& Facebook) Wednesday night for After Work with Denison…Everywhere! (Jan. 25, 2011)

William G. Bowen '54, former president of Princeton University

So THAT’S what university presidents think about…
In his latest book, former Princeton U. president William Bowen ’54 shares seasoned wisdom with today’s college and university leaders. (Jan. 18, 2011)

Holly Menninger '00

Creepy crawly cakes
This tasty TV science project is a cake walk for Holly Menninger ’00. (Jan. 13, 2011)

Anne Grimes’ Greatest Hits

In search of song
She was a talented musician, but it was her work as a folklorist and oral historian that will help to preserve Ohio’s musical past for generations to come. (Jan. 12, 2011)

Ryan Humbert and Emily Bates '04. Photo courtesy of RyanHumbert.com.

Denison in the Blogosphere (1/6/11)
The best Denison-related content on the interwebs. (Jan. 6, 2011)

Photo by Paul Rinkes '94 | www.rinkesphotography.com

Landmark diner closes
Some say it was a greasy spoon, but generally it was said with affection and a hearty appetite. Granville says goodbye to the landmark Aladdin diner. (Dec. 28, 2010)

Poker Face

Poker face
Environmental engineer Shellie Miller ’00 had to keep a secret about her prestigious award from the White House. Here’s why… (Dec. 27, 2010)

Photo courtesy of ColumbusMuseum.org

Telling the stories of art
Nannette Maciejunes ’75 as been up to her elbows in new construction for more than a year, but the work pays off on 1/1/11. (Dec. 21, 2010)

Heeere’s Mona!

Heeere’s Mona!
Forty-four years ago, Mona Abboud ’58 cracked up America (and Johnny Carson) with one of the most memorable Tonight Show performances ever. And we’ve got the footage to prove it. (Dec. 15, 2010)

Michael Eisner '64

Michael Eisner on media, liberal arts & more
Michael Eisner ’64 talks to WSJ. Magazine about his career, the media biz, and the value of the liberal arts. (Dec. 9, 2010)

Candlelight Collaboration

Candlelight collaboration
Enjoy a little holiday-themed music, as Ladies’ Night Out joins voices with a local choir. (Dec. 7, 2010)

He's Still Got It

He’s still got it
Richard Price ’52 may be retired, but he loves his current line of work. (Dec. 3, 2010)

Margot Singer, assistant professor of English and award-winning author

Hanukkah Lights
NPR’s annual holiday favorite, “Hanukkah Lights,” features a story by English prof and award-winning author Margot Singer. (Dec. 2, 2010)

Liz Averbeck '04 (Photo from Waffles on the Boardwalk)

Denison in the Blogosphere (11/29/10)
Check out “Denison in the Blogosphere” for the all the latest Denisonia on the interwebs. (Nov. 29, 2010)

Threat Reduction In Africa

Threat reduction in Africa
Two Denisonians work to reduce the threat of biological and conventional weapon stockpiles in Africa. (Nov. 16, 2010)

Photo courtesy of Robert Dold for Congress (Facebook)

Mr. Dold goes to Washington
In a close race, Robert Dold ’91 is elected to Congress as a representative for Illinois. (Nov. 4, 2010)

As Ohio Goes

As Ohio goes…
With elections less than a week away, poli sci prof Mike Brady surveys the political landscape. (Oct. 28, 2010)

The Wildwood Sisters

Denison in the Blogosphere (10/14/10)
The best Denison-related content on the interwebs. (Oct. 14, 2010)

Mark Magnus ’11, Eric Stachura ’11, Lin Mu ’11

Water of life
Students win a $10,000 prize and spend a month in China to help give a town new hope and resources for clean water. (Oct. 12, 2010)

Kat Lenhart '09 and Bryan Blaskie '09

Come on down!
Breaking News: Kat Lenhart ’09 just won ‘The Price Is Right’ & celebrated her new spa and sailboat on camera with classmate Bryan Blaskie! (Oct. 7, 2010)


Must-See TV
Denison grads are taking over ‘Must-See TV’ on Thursday nights. (Sep. 21, 2010)

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Slow down, you move too fast
Hard-working students from the Language and Culture Program in Preston House spend a day chillaxing at Dawes Arboretum. (Sep. 21, 2010)

Hats Off to Holbrook

Hats off to Holbrook
He may be 85 years old, but film & TV star Hal Holbrook ’48 is busy as a Bieber right now. (Sep. 17, 2010)

Denison in the Blogosphere

Denison in the Blogosphere (9/23/10)
Check out ‘Denison in the Blogosphere’ for the all the latest Denisonia on the interwebs. (Sep. 16, 2010)

Great Wall, Great Music

Great Wall, Great Music
Over the summer, more than 60 student musicians and several Music Department professors took a magical mystery tour through three Chinese cities in 10 days, along the way introducing American music to new audiences. (Sep. 8, 2010)

Bill Clapp (second human from right), district manager for the Sodexo foodservices company that serves Denison, pictured at the Knox County Fair in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Whole hog for local farming
Denison visits the Knox County Fair to show its support for local agriculture and Ohio farming families. (Sep. 2, 2010)

Kat Lenhart '09 and Tiny Fey, backstage at the Emmys. Photo from KatLenhart.com.

Denison in the Blogosphere (8/30/10)
The best Denison-related content on the interwebs. (Aug. 30, 2010)

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