Athens, Greece: Home to Poems ’n Crimes art bar and the center of Petros Markaris' novels.

Of poems and crimes

One faculty member seeks truth from a fiction writer in Athens, Greece.

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Tiny troublemakers

A group of Summer Scholars recently wrapped up their work with mosquitofish, a small but invasive species affecting amphibian populations.

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Called for icing

Denison President Adam Weinberg is called out to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Teacher, Coach, Mentor, Friend_photo_main_01

Teacher, coach, mentor, friend

The NCAA recognizes Lynn Schweizer for 40-plus years of commitment to Denison and Division III athletes.

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Physics of dance

Summer Scholars study the biomechanics of dance, helping researchers better understand how the body moves and dancers perfect their pirouettes.

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Summer living

Researchers live, work, and color inside the lines together.

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