At the top of their game

The Big Red men’s squash team goes east and brings home the Chaffee Cup.

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Even sparrows in the prairies do it

Sarah Winnicki ’16 turns her natural interest in birds into serious ornithology.

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Right on track

Seven newly tenured professors join the Denison community.

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The big red carpet

And the award goes to…

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Outside the box

In a campus-wide art exhibition, students are challenged to think about the spaces in which their work will be displayed.

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It’s Hal Holbrook Day!

Wishing Hal Holbrook ’48 a happy 90th birthday.

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Valentine bouquet
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Turtle island cool
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And next: The Nest
At last, a place to go for mac & cheese after midnight.

Building characters
Playwright Jeffrey Hatcher ’80 has found more than one way to bring stories alive.

The poet among us
In late January, beloved American poet Billy Collins visited campus to share and discuss poetry.

Barking rights
Virginia Davidson ’04 has found a way to give stray pups a sporting chance.

And it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet
Denisonians all over the world show their love for DU.

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