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A Day of Thought and Inspiration

A day of thought and inspiration

Posted in On Campus on March 5, 2014

TEDxDenisonU speakers share their ideas of “Real Utopias.”

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Welcome to Twitter, @AdamAtDenison!

Posted in Beyond Campus on January 22, 2014

President Adam Weinberg joins the Twitterverse.

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Happy holidays

Posted in On Campus on December 23, 2013

Wishing you and yours the best and brightest.

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Hittin’ the books

Posted in On Campus on December 17, 2013

Things just got awfully quiet around here.

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Change starts here

Posted in On Campus on November 25, 2013

Members of the Great Lakes Colleges Association gathered at Denison for the GLCA Students of Color Leadership Conference — and they walked away with real plans to make a difference.

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Inauguration celebration

Posted in On Campus on October 23, 2013

On a gorgeous fall day in Granville, as Denison inaugurated Adam Weinberg as its 20th president, the community welcomed him and offered words of advice.

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1927-Avery Shaw Inaugural Pageant 1aa

The heritage

Posted in On Campus on October 11, 2013

As the college celebrates the Presidential Inauguration of Adam Weinberg, we look back on an inaugural pageant in 1927 that captures the familiar beauty of an October day on the hill.

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It starts with an idea

Posted in Academics & Research on September 4, 2013

Students participating in this year’s social entrepreneurship workshop came up with some creative solutions to some very real problems.

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So, what’s new?

Posted in On Campus on August 29, 2013

A guide to all the latest around campus

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Let's Get Started

Let’s get started

Posted in On Campus on August 28, 2013

Today sophomores, juniors, and seniors are descending on campus, but for the last three days this place belonged solely to the first-year students as they participated in Aug-O, which began with their official Induction Ceremony.

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They’ve arrived

Posted in On Campus on July 1, 2013

Last week, Dr. Adam Weinberg became Denison’s 20th president. A Big Red welcome to the Weinberg family.

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Nice To Meet You, Dr. Weinberg

Nice to meet you, Dr. Weinberg

Posted in On Campus on November 14, 2012

Denison’s next president received a warm reception as he was formally introduced to the campus community.

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Denison's Next President

Denison’s next president

Posted in On Campus on November 1, 2012

Dr. Adam Weinberg will become Denison’s 20th president on July 1, 2013.

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